Why Music Needs More Choice In Video Streaming

the gift band - made for you - music video frame - gogopix

GOGOPIX was started on a basic principle that music is not only an audio experience. Artists and fans want to see each other. Music artists are purveyors of magical songs and humans want to see the magic just as much as they want to hear it. Additionally, artists appreciate the opportunity to fully engage a person with their music and know what to do with the spotlight.

So then, with so many places to stream music to our ears, when starting GOGOPIX we literally looked the other way. We dug deep into the realm of streaming music to our eyes (and ears). What we learned was fascinating:

  • More than half of the fans we spoke to had little-to-no realization there are fantastic music videos being made today.
  • Music licensing for “video” streaming is entirely different than “audio” streaming.

The above factors are interrelated and together explain the stagnant market for music entertainment delivered through video streaming On the one hand, artists and labels struggle to see a direct return on video and treat it as a promotional expense (for audio streaming). While on the other, music fans can’t easily find video streaming content because it is buried by non-music content on YouTube. Today, there are just too few options for watching music. 

This led us to create GOGOPIX, a video streaming platform designed and developed to meet the unique needs of artists and the music industry. By doing this, GOGOPIX is suited to help grow video streaming as a channel for music as well as improve the results for music videos as promotion for audio streaming.

Our core platform values are:

  • Treating music videos and performances as premium entertainment;
  • Providing artist-controlled, social-friendly tools to engage fans;
  • Delivering streaming music experiences that are easy to enjoy.

What is a music experience that is “easy to enjoy”? Let’s start here, with an awesome music video from The Gift that unveils the magic behind songwriting.  The song itself “Made For You”  has swirling lyrics, gorgeous melodies and a bridge that connects you with pure bliss. Perfect for your playlist consideration. Please enjoy!