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GOGOPIX Information Page for Symphonic Distribution


GOGOPIX is a new destination for music fans to enjoy watching music videos, and we are a proud partner for Symphonic Distribution’s video Plus Plan. This means that when artists and/or record labels (like you!) choose Symphonic’s Plus Plan the video(s) are eligible to stream on GOGOPIX.   

Inside GOGOPIX, music videos are organized into playlists. Our playlist team is constantly combing through music videos received from Symphonic to find “new adds” for the playlists. New playlists are launched on a weekly basis and existing playlists are generally updated every 2 weeks. To get a feel for the playlist curation in GOGOPIX, we encourage you to install the app and check things out for yourself. 




How is GOGOPIX different that YouTube and/or Spotify? GOGOPIX the only app dedicated entirely to watching premium music entertainment. Unlike YouTube, GOGOPIX does not allow users to upload content directly to the platform. In this way, GOGOPIX is more like Spotify or Apple Music than YouTube.  However, unlike audio platforms like Spotify or Apple Music, the music streaming inside GOGOPIX is meant to be watched.  

What is the “clipping” feature that GOGOPIX provides?  The best marketing is word-of-mouth marketing, and today, fans spend countless hours watching and posting short-form video to TikTok and Instagram. These platform are perfect places for your music videos to reach music fans and even, go viral. This is why we built the first, industry-approved video clipper that lets fans to make and share 20-second clips of music videos as they stream. Clips made with GOGOPIX can be posted to Instagram and TikTok with one-tap. Try it yourself and then encourage fans to do the same! 

How do Artists get added into the Spotlight section? All artist with 3 or more videos in the Plus Plan are eligible for Spotlight. Each month approximately twelve new artists are added into the Spotlight category.  For Spotlight artist playlists, Symphonic Distribution reaches out directly to you before the playlist is live. 

How are the publishing rights for music videos handled? GOGOPIX utilizes data services from HFA Rumblefish to review publishing rights for music videos. If you have any questions, then please contact us using the form below. GOGOPIX also has performance rights in place through Performing Rights Organizations (BMI, ASCAP and Global Music Rights). 

How to request a takedown? If you see a video on our service that you do not want up, please email us at Or you can reach out now via the contact form below to submit the request. 

How to reach GOGOPIX to pitch music videos? We take time to watch and review every video we receive from the Symphonic Distribution Partner Plus plan. Then, on a bi-weekly basis place music videos into playlists. If you have a special video that you’d like to bring to our attention, please use the contact form below. 

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