Sexyy Red - 'Pound Town (Chop Not Slop)'Video of the Day

To kick off our Video of the Day series, the GOGOPIX programming team  showcasing the the official Chop Not Slop music video remix for Sexyy Red’s Pound Town. Tap in below to watch the St. Louis rapper’s first smash given the royal H-Town treatment. The Chopstars Collective came through early on Sexyy Red because that’s just what they do, create culture. If you only know her song Skee Yee, then after smashing into this video you ought to be even more onboard  with the Sexyy Red wave.

For the fans looking for an in person performance, October is looking lit because Sexyy Red is on tour across the US. Check dates for the Hood Hottest Princess Tour and get tickets HERE.