Video of the Day'OTRA DISTANCIA' by Dowba Montana

Midway through ‘OTRA DISTANCE’ there is a part where Dowba Montana declares “And that shit super wack.”

You’ll have to look up the translate to figure out what THEY CALL ME MONTANA is rapping about, but what you don’t need to do is translate his music to feel it. Dowba Montana is cooking five star Hip Hop out of the Bronx, and it’s crazy good.  Those who know, certainly know, but what is problematic is that too many people don’t know one the NYC style Hip Hop of Dowba Montana. You can catch some the Biggie-esque effervescence in his delivery. After enjoying the video of the day ‘OTRA DISTANCIA’, come by GOGOPIX to catch up with the Dowba Montana in his Artist Spotlight playlist.

Enjoy the music video of the day below: ‘OTRA DISTANCIA’ by Dowba Montana

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