Video of the Day'Other Side' by PLAZA

If there’s one thing about the elusive trap RnB artist PLAZA, this man is not new to the game even and his songbook well deserved of the underground fanbase he has attracted. PLAZA’s next chapter has begun with  a cinematic new music video for the first single ‘Other Side.’ This October PLAZA is rumored to be dropping his third EP titled ‘Avalon’, which includes ‘Shadow‘ released on OVO Sounds (2017) and his independent debut ‘One‘ (2016).  

The video brings the song’s temptress to life as in Blade / Matrix form and totally pulls it off. The actress steals the show and makes us believe that she’s about to do something purposeful, which indeed she does once she finds PLAZA waiting inside his ’86 Buick Regal.

Watch the music video of the day below: ‘Other Side’ by PLAZA.