Video of the Day'Observer' by Dreamers Delight

We first got hipped ontoDreamers Delight when we experience his music video ‘Quantum’, and it was pretty delightful affair.  Then when ‘Galaxy Eyes’ came through a month later it became apparent that Dreamers Delight was on a mission to entertain from far-out cosmic lane of transcendent EDM. 

This week Dreamers Delight is back at with the music video ‘Observer’ which somehow tops everything to date. For the ‘Observer’ music video Dreamers Delight collaborated with Cosmodernism, who is a scientist/visual artists who posts mesmerizing art Instagram to the liking of over 400K followers; worth a look/follow for sure @cosmodernism. But not now, you MUST SEE this music video of the day because ‘Observer’ is highly addictive and full of positive creative energy that comes from non-computer created sources. Organic chemistry and EDM have always been study buddies but now, they are dance partners. Let’s go! 

Enjoy the music video of the day below: ‘Observer’ by Dreamers Delight and also catch the entire Dreamers Delight video catalog on the spotlight playlist over on GOGOPIX.TV


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