Video of the Day // 'Night & Day' by Vök

Digging through the generous supply of music available today means life is exceptionally good for playlist makers. For example, when our curation team was digging for treats to drop into the Experimental Pop playlist in GOGOPIX this synth-pop gem came into focus. 

Night & Day‘ from the Icelandic-based band Vök is a fall retreat that you can dance alone too.  The video celebrates its five year anniversary this year.  ‘Night & Day’ is a upbeat bop that brings the heat with bouncy bass that’ll put you into a standing cat pose waiting to be drenched in synth stabs and detailed drumming.  The vocals by Margrét Rán bring this song home into perfection, warming everything up to the lyrics about the hopeful endeavor of a romance on the horizon.  Such as this line:

Hands down, I’ll give you my whole world

Get to know Vök with this performance music video, shot with gorgeous lighting in a warm room full of love.  Watch Night & Day below. And if you enjoy this make sure to check out Vok’s self-titled album from 2022 released on Nettwerk Records.  

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