Music Video of the Day'Lazy River' by Aisha Badru

Contemporary singer / songwriter Aisha Badru is creating ethereal art within the bounds of folk music that enchants and heals audiences as much as it entertains, if not more so.  Once Aisha catches your attention, you just flow along time with plenty of space to enjoy the songs she unravels.  But don’t close your eyes on the ride, you might miss Aisha Badru’s music video treasure, such as ‘Lazy River‘. Take a break from your day and let the dancer in ‘Lazy River’ swoon you away into Aisha’s lyrics and guitar.  ‘Lazy River’ is one of five new songs on Aisha Bradru’s 2023 EP ‘Learning to Love Again’ released in June. 

Watch and enjoy the music video of the day: Aisha Badru – ‘Lazy River’