Video of the Day'Let's Break It Down' by NEIL FRANCES ft. St. Panther

“Head straight, head straight, that’s how I walk” 

St. Panther pounces on this NEIL FRANCES beat and then doesn’t let up, dosing the front half song with dope wordplay delivered on point.  ‘Head Straight’ was the first music video dropped on NEIL FRANCES second album, ‘It’s All A Bit Fuzzy‘, which dropped in last month. NEIL FRANCES may have gained momentum from their viral Cassius remake, but do not get it twisted, this Australifornia (or is it Calistralia) duo is creating full blown musical artwork that brings groovy, positive and funky vibes into the forefront.  Two sick albums,  in two years is pretty dang awesome.

Enjoy the music video of the day: ‘Head Straight by NEIL FRANCES featuring St. Panther.


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