Video of the Day'Fell In Love (Chop Not Slop)' by Marshmello x Brent Faiyaz

Marshmello collaborating with Brent Faiyaz is one of the furtherest thing you thought you needed in 2023.  Then, ‘Fell In Love’ dropped in May and has percolated on playlists since. For the Brent Faiyaz fans, ‘Fell In Love” delivers ultra clean Marshmello production that lets Brent’s voice do it’s thing over a head-nodding, fuzzy bass line and signature Marshmello trap drums. The result is just the kind of joint Brent Faiyaz can set fire to.  The Chopstars remix slows things down for culture and then bring it all the way home with a supreme Chop Not Slop music video remix.

Enjoy the music video of the day below: ‘Fell In Love (Chop Not Slop)’ by Marshmello x Brent Faiyaz