Video of the Day'Everglades' by Elliot Moss

This is one of those songs and videos that lurches around long after the first-time experiencing it. ‘Everglades’ is a new release from Elliot Moss, the NYC-based artist that first hit underground music ears in 2015 and he just announced a new record due in February 2024.  With ‘Everglades’, Elliot Moss showcases his songwriting and visual artistry with a fascinating bit of finesse. ‘Everglades’ begins with delicate subdued first verse but somehow transforms into a powerful and layered song that ends with a repeating chorus; a sonic experience that might sound a bit like Tears For Fears.  The ‘Everglades’ music video matches the songs intimate feel as the slide show uncoils the alluring memories pull us in. 

Watch the video of the day below:  ‘Everglades’ by Elliot Moss

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