Video of the Day'Dressed In Black' by Mishka

When the roots reggae riffs of ‘Dressed In Black’ by Mishka catch your ear you find yourself immediately carried off by a tide of  good vibes.  Then, Mishka’s sunny voice hits and the lyrics of ‘Dressed In Black” transform the acoustic riffs into an ultimate piece of sweet reggae music. The kind of reggae that feels like a cool breeze in a big sun. The three verses build on top of each other, keeping your attention as the wordplay weaves together an poetic ride that could just keep on going.  Thankfully, at 5 minutes long, you can kick back and enjoy ‘Dressed In Black’. 

The lyrics talk about one thing certainly that bonds our experience as humans, which is change. In such a simple way, Mishka uses clothing as a way to dig into the deeper meanings of life by illuminating topics that come and go but mean so much to us and even become decisive. But like only a great reggae song can do, the upbeat vibe takes some of the roughness of life and smoothes it out for enjoyment and provides encouragement that whether it’s a fresh outfit for your day or a new perspective on life, change is good.  

To start of 2024, Mishka is performing across the West Coast of the United States. Make sure to check out the live vibes if you can, tour dates are here.

Enjoy the music video of the day below: ‘Dressed In Black’ by Mishka. If you’ve ever been to Venice Beach, CA then you will notice that background as Mishka hangs out along the  colorful houses and people of 90210.