Video of the Day'Don't Do Me Good' by Madi Diaz and Kacey Musgraves

“And every time I walk away,  I stay. I knew you would.” What gorgeous, yet haunting lyric that bring us all together. 

Madi Diaz teamed up with her long-time stan, Kacey Musgraves, for the late Fall drop ‘Don’t Do Me Good’ that is as unexpected (for Kacey fans) as it is crazy good. The song is heavy on the oomph with a bare naked kick drum ushering lines to their seat like Kacey Musgrave’s piece in the second verse,

‘What give me the right to keep dreaming’

Kacey’s line hits with some oomph in a world filled with harshly pragmatic terms.  But we know, this is the good stuff that might not make your feed but feeds your soul. Whatever it is that keep you coming back, by all means please question it, but know that it’s probably love.

Watch the music video of the day below: ‘Don’t Do Me Good’ by Madi Diaz and Kacey Musgraves


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