Video of the Day'Don't AskMe' - Kurupt, Suga Free

This ain’t no throwback, but it sounds like a quintessential g funk classic, including the talkbox chorus.  That’s because on the new release ‘Don’t AskMe’  it’s two west coast hip hop legends Kurupt and Suga Free  finessing over crazy ProHoeZak g funk production.  Each artist has a legacy in their own right within LA hip hop history, so to see them together on screen performing this banger is crazy.  

They kept it real on the music video, with cameos on cameos from some LA greats that only true heads will recognize. And then there’s the old school Chevy’s at the park and the Cadillac that gets to feeling the g funk and even stars hopping along.  Listen closely to the lyrics hip you onto the culture and come verse two, try to keep up with Suga Free, even if it takes a couple re-listens.