Video of the Day'Cubic Zirconia' by Katy Kirby

Singer-songwriter Katy Kirby is set to hit streaming services next month (January ’23) with sophomore album, entitled ‘Blue Raspberry’. This is the first album Katy Kirby has created from her new basecamp in New York City after leaving Camp Kirby in Spicewood, Texas having stopped through Nashville along the way. It’d be cliche to say that Katy Kirby is embracing the ambitiousness of New York, but it’s hard to avoid the fact that her first three release are gorgeously constructed songs that happen to also be really dang big. With strong imagery and big feelings in these lyrics, we are stoked by the awesome streak of music videos accompanying the songs:  Table’, Party of the Century and today’s music video of the day Cubic Zirconia. On the first single, ‘Cubicon Zirconia’, Katy Kirby loosens up her bag of lyrical gems and spills out some mesmerizing gems on top of a peachy soundscape created with fellow American artist Rowen Merrill. ‘Cubic Zirconia’ rides long, smooth arch through three sequential elements, an intro that is 33 seconds too short followed by a 3 minute wanderlust that gives way to a big sunny finish. If you enjoy this one, look out for Katy Kirby on tour in the US starting in February. 

Enjoy the music video of the day below: ‘Cubic Zirconia’ by Katy Kirby


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