Video of the Day'Close To My Soul' by Samanta Liza

Last month, emerging music artist Samanta Liza based out of NYC dropped a pounding, hypnotic dance track entitled ‘Close To My Soul’ on her independent label, But Did You Dance. This week Samanta followed through with the music video to accompany ‘Close To My Soul’ and this one lives up to the saying “the eyes are the window to the soul.”  The official video features the artist amidst the juxtaposition of a still woodland retreat and an experimental dance chase scene. The top notch cinematography lives up to exceptional styling, with the wardrobes and makeup going crazy, to carry the artistic direction into the wicked realm it set out for. The resulting music video lives up to the  song’s hard-driving nature ‘Close To My Soul’ and delivers enchanting musical experience to watch.  

Enjoy the music video of the day: ‘Close To My Soul’ by Samanta Liza


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