Music Video of the Day'Bluffin feat. Lil Baby (Chop Not Slop)' by Gucci ManeOfficial Video Remix by The Chopstars

One thing about the living legend Gucci Mane is that he keeps things real, even if unbelievable.  So when Gucci Mane dropped Bluffin this year featuring Lil Baby it was a song that’s been decades in the making.  True to keeping things real, the verse Gucci Mane drops is up to date with the Atlanta-based Hip Hop mogul moving past stories of his story filled past and speaking to the Wop virtues of today: 

I tried to lead by example, helped everybody get moneyI quit lean and stopped gamblin’, I’m an ex-codeine junkie

Lil Baby starts things off on the strength, and then taps into Gucci Mane who hosts the video from an crazy Vegas suite.  Enjoy the official Chopped Not Slopped version by The Chopstars in the music video of the day below: ‘Bluffin feat. Lil Baby (Chop Not Slop)’ – Gucci Mane  



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