Video of the Day'Bedrock' by Wild Rivers

Wild Rivers is making the good stuff that sounds good lasts. Like their 2019 song ‘Thinking ‘Bout Love‘ that was recently certified Platinum in Canada, their song ‘Bedrock’ is set to burn on long and strong. ‘Bedrock’ is one of a handful of singles released from Wild River’s most recent album Sidelines, and despite being a song that deals with internalized stress as a subject matter, ‘Bedrock’ is a uplifting and heroic song and the music video matches the vibe.  A true “Less Monday’s More Fun Day’s experice” the ‘Bedrock’ music video reminds us all to remember to laugh and love along the way.  If your feeling ‘Bedrock‘, make sure to dig a little deeper because it was recently remixed by Japanese Wallpaper.

Watch the music video of the day below:  ‘Bedrock’ by Wild Rivers

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