Video of the Day'Anchor' by Vona Vella

We’ve loved this music video since it dropped back in July, but the vibe is so autumn that we’re stoked to share this on the first Saturday of the harvest season.  ‘Anchor’ is a big tune from young, yet sensible UK-based singing/songwriting duo of Izzy Davis and Dan Cunningham that goes by the name Vona Vella. Like the band, the video is a bit of a rarity today: CGI free yet still cinematic, this vide pairs some musical performance along side an abstracted short firm that is also laced with easter eggs for their early fans. Vona Vella music is marked by their signature dualing vocals that work together as a team to play with your heartstrings.

Their youthful approach to ambitious indie pop music is grounded in roots that seem to go deeper than the twenty-one years that the female/male duo Izzy and Dan have been on Earth.  If you enjoy ‘Anchor’ make sure to check out their debut self-titled studio album, Vona Vella, is out on the Strap Originals streaming everywhere and on vinyl for the heads.

Watch ‘Anchor’ by Vona Vella 

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